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Polyethylene Recycling

Recycling polyethylene is a vital process for our environment considering over 60 million metric tons of it is produced annually for use in packaging and containers, including plastic bags and bottles—the kinds of ordinary products consumers encounter everyday. Higher densities of this kind of plastic are also frequently used in many industrial applications.

Recycling polyethylene is essential because in most cases, it isn’t biodegradable and can accumulate in landfills for decades when the plastic waste is discarded. That being said, recycling of polyethylene is fairly easy to carry out. Because of its composition, the waste plastic can be melted to a liquid form and reshaped or extruded as it solidifies, making it reusable. Recycling polyethylene can therefore lead to the creation of new, durable products that are also cost effective and environmentally friendly.  

Polyethylene recycling is a trend that’s catching on. A survey conducted by Moore Recycling Associates on behalf of the American Chemistry Council found that recycling of non-bottle rigid plastics has increased significantly in the past couple years with 31% of post-consumer collection being high-density polyethylene recycling. Imagine the benefits of mass polyethylene recycling at a post-industrial level.

At PVC Enterprise, we understand the value in recycling polyethylene. We will buy your industrial polyethylene plastic scraps to produce clean regrind plastic, recycled plastic pellets or powder plastic. Through the polyethylene recycling process, the industry-standard finished product can then be purchased for the production of new products.  

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