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Scrap Plastic

Scrap plastic is unfortunately an inevitable side effect of working with plastic materials. Regardless of the project, you’re bound to be stuck with at least some scrap plastic pieces. Rather than toss them, why not turn it into a profit? PVC Enterprise purchases post-industrial scrap plastic from various local companies and builders. The logic is simple. By recycling scrap plastic, you get rid of your waste and generate additional revenue all while reducing your environmental impact.

Scrap Plastic for Sale

For your advantage, we are experienced in assessing the market value of your scrap plastic and will go above and beyond to make sure that when you sell, it’ll be worth your while. Plastic scrap prices can often depend on the shifting supply-and-demand nature of the market and the success of this market centres around two important factors: the needs of plastic buyers vs. the availability of cost-effective supply. Selling scrap plastic to be recycled is like putting that material back into the market, the same market that your company relies on.