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Management of Plastic Waste

Management of plastic waste can make or break the effectiveness of any recycling process because if you’re generating plastic waste in the process of eliminating it, the effort is futile. Make your life easier by letting PVC Enterprise deal with your waste plastic management. We take it off your hands but we also take our own plastics waste management very seriously. We make use of all of the scrap plastic we receive, and through our efficient waste plastic management plan, we ensure that there are no leftovers.

Waste Management

We pride ourselves on our superior management of plastic waste. With the exception of unavoidable dust and floor sweepings, PVC Enterprise produces minimal to no waste. Part of our strategy for management of plastic waste is to minimize the creation of it in the first place. This is done through regular inspection and maintenance of our machinery, appropriate handling and grinding techniques for different types of plastic materials, effective storage methods, and training for all operators handling the scrap plastic throughout the process.

Unfortunately no matter how strong your waste plastic management strategy is, some degree of plastic dust and remnant powder is inevitable, regardless of whether you’re working with recycled plastic pellets, regrind plastic or recycled plastic powder. That’s why waste plastic management also means ensuring dust, floor sweepings and remnant powder is captured, contained and disposed of in compliance with all federal, provincial and local guidelines to help minimize the release of harmful materials in the environment. 

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